Green Pasty House!

Doing what we can as a business for the environment has always been important to us at The Pasty House, so we’re super excited to share everything we’re been working on to make our business greener than ever!


We are proud to say that a whopping 95% of everything we use at The Pasty House goes to be recycled … and we’re working on the other 5%! 


Not only do we recycle all our card, plastics, paper and metals, all our food waste goes to local dairy Langage farm’s cutting edge anaerobic digestion plant. Here the waste is literally eaten by bacteria, which not only takes a fraction of the time it would to decompose in landfill, but produces methane gas as it’s byproduct which is actually turned into electrical power to run the ice cream factory- pretty cool stuff! What is left over is used as an effective bio fertiliser which is placed right back onto the land, making it a completely eco friendly solution.



We’re really pleased with everything we’re doing to make The Pasty House a sustainable and eco-friendly business, but we’re not happy to stop at 95% and we’ll keep working towards our goal of zero to landfill.




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