The Man Engine begins it’s journey in Tavistock!

The Man Engine begins it’s journey in Tavistock!

Monday 25th July was massive event for Tavistock, as spectacular mechanical giant ‘The Man Engine’ was unveiled for the very first time in celebration of the town’s rich mining heritage!


The exciting spectacle really brought in the crowds to Tavistock, the town was packed out with people eager to see this great feat of engineering. Built in a top secret location, this 10 metre giant mechanical puppet is the largest ever constructed in the UK. Accompanied by theatrical shows, music and story telling, it is set to travel over 130 miles across the historic Devon & Cornwall mining landscape over the next 2 weeks, ending it’s journey all the way down in St Just on 6th August. It began it’s journey at 10am in Bedford square, brought to life by a chorus of chanting, the smoke cleared to show the crew of miners at work inside the machine. The height of a double decker bus as it steamed along Plymouth road, the man engine transformed to 3 times this as it stood up to full height for the crowds, moving it’s giant mechanical limbs.

Read more about the event in Tavistock and the team behind this great feat of Cornish engineering in this wonderful Tavistock Times article

And find out all about the 20 stops along the Man Engine’s route over the next 2 weeks at:


The Pasty House staff all got involved of course, dressing up as miners for the occasion, serving the hungry crowds traditional west country pasties. Check out some of our photos from the day!


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